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The space between public and private, the salon room, pulls us and our guests under its spell. You don’t have to know anyone here and are still very welcome. The new edition of salon culture for today.

The salon is a meeting place where people communicate with each other on an equal footing about important topics. The combination of inspiring conversations creates a unique atmosphere that creates space for innovation and creativity.

Salons have a long tradition and today these places are in great demand again to exchange thoughts and ideas apart from public opinion without having to “define” immediately. The space to try out new things within a protected atmosphere.

Where trust grows and people are ready to share their real concerns, that is where the future arises. Ideas become projects, projects become successes!

People who have something to say or who just want to be there and listen to good conversations meet in a semi-private room and exchange their thoughts in an appreciative and trusting manner.

Salon – The core of Salonhosting

  • Simon V. Mathis

    Simon V. Mathis

    PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, and Head of Sustainability at Visium SA

    Ursula is an extraordinary leadership trainer and mentor. I have had the pleasure to learn from and work with Ursula in a professional and personal context for almost a decade. Under her mentorship, I learned how create the conditions for meaningful dialogue in teams and have seen such “hosted” conversations catalyse positive change in business and academia. Over the years, I have seen Ursula transform teams from diverse backgrounds spanning public policy to industry through the principles of meaningful dialogue.

    I regularly apply the principles I learned from Ursula in my professional life and saw them enable effective co-creation in the board room, when I worked as management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and more recently in research and teaching at the University of Cambridge.

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