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Coaching for transformation

Mentoring and guiding

I help individuals or teams to host on- and offline participatory processes. My clients include trained hosts and process facilitators as well as people who find themselves in a new role requiring these skills. I also support leaders including politicians who want to get familiar with emergence based participatory processes. This enables them to replace the more traditional control mechanisms with highly professional more future oriented practices.

If you need help finding the optimum approach for a particular event or process, effective tools and tips for meeting a new challenge, or simply to deepen your practice as a host – a professional guide as a sparring partner often works wonders. You remain the main point of contact for your customers and at the same time grow faster with each new challenge.

I will be at your back as you learn and practice, bringing a fresh, experienced outside perspective to your work. Together we will reflect on and find the best solution even for delicate situations. I will support you in selecting the appropriate discussion formats, event processes, and harvesting methods for your face-to-face, hybrid or online event. The better prepared you are, the more confident you will feel and the more success you will have.

I offer tailor-made consulting to prepare you for demanding situations, such as: meetings with superiors or clients and resolving challenges within teams. You can choose between individual coaching or team coaching, as well as intensive sessions with me. I will work with you using the method of appreciative dialogue – either online, or face-to-face in our Bregenzer Salon or at your premises.

Mentoring & Coaching

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