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Expert dialogue to promote architectural competition and award procedures in cross-border cooperation

Overcoming borders through competition

The goal in the Interreg project was to recognise and use the common experiences in order to master national borders, cultural and legal differences in cooperation: Architects from the Bavarian-Austrian Interreg area – Bavaria, Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg and Upper Austria – worked together to find solutions to overcome the 817 kilometer border by means of competition projects.

Our interactive event design enabled participants to engage in exchange right on the day itself and learn from the experiences of others. Our success showed itself in the day long presenceof almost all 80 experts and architects until the early evening to actively engage  with eachother. Together with the steering group of the Bavarian and Austrian Chambers of Architects, we designed the objectives of the symposium, the invitation process, the participatory formats for the event and the documentation.  

Architects are free spirits and need creative space

The interactive formats provided a minimal structure for free exchange: strategic learning and dialogue based on case studies, open space for practical approaches, and space for informal networking. A welcome package sent by mail additionally ensured the anchoring of the congress day.

Expert dialogue to promote architectural competition and award procedures in cross-border cooperation

Bayerische Architektenkammer
Bayerische Architektenkammer
Bundeskammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen / Arch. + Ing.
Bundeskammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen / Arch. + Ing.

  • Arch. DI Daniel Fügenschuh

    Arch. DI Daniel Fügenschuh

    Vice president Federal Chamber of Civil Engineers and architects

    Our goal was to enable a dialogue and exchange among experts across borders. We succeeded brilliantly, despite or perhaps because of the online format, under the highly competent leadership of Ursula Hillbrand and her team, we succeeded brilliantly. Our participants actively contributed throughout the day and stayed in the digital aperitif rooms for a cultivated exchange, like at a face-to-face conference. We are exited.

  • Karlheinz Beer

    Karlheinz Beer

    Architekt BDA & Urban planning

    Baukultur does not stop at borders. Competitions and transparent award procedures ensure diversity, innovation and sustainability in the planning and construction process. With our Interreg project, we have developped and promoted an intensive dialogue in the “neighborhood”.
    Thanks to your creative thinking, we were able to create a a good base for the best from the respective regions can enter our culture of award procedures. Many thanks to Ursula Hillbrand and her team for the successful and insightful organisation and implementation of our 1st cross-border expert symposium.


  • Unsere TeilnehmerInnen

    Ist für mich die spannenste Veranstaltung seit es online gibt!“

    Mein allerbestes Interreg-Projekt.“

    Danke für die wirklich sehr gut organisierte Veranstaltung. Ich habe viele wertvolle Informationen und Erfahrungen mitgenommen.“

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