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Art of Hosting Training – Vienna

The power of female leadership – 3 day training for women enablers

  • Art of Hosting Training – Vienna
June 4, 2024 June 6, 2024
  • Seminarraum im Grünen

Art of Hosting Female

(Language is German, however English is possible if you are inspired to join us!)

A perhaps radically different Participatory Leadership training experience! How are we as women living and maintaining our own authentic leadership style also in turbulent times? How are traditional values and concepts fitting into today’s world, and how can we co-create the future? What are restrictive patterns are generated by the patrix, the patriarchal patrix, and what are the patterns of a sustainable, living matrix? What do our living and working worlds look like if created with feminine qualities?  How do we bring our perceptions into resonance in our meetings, teams and organisations? We open spaces in which we explore and dare listening to Self, others and the future that emerges. We create a resonance space for each of us, and in the spaces between, to sense, to name and to create until clarity shines through.

In our 3-day training for women, we want to invite on a journey of learning and experimentation in order to engage more fully and wholeheartedly in the development of our world and economy as we see it. We will learn and practice together participatory conversation and leadership formats to navigate in complexity with ease. Collective wisdom, empathy and a sensing the future are our valuable companions.

When and where?

Wien: 4 – 6 June 2024.
Follow-up Sessions online 6 weeks after the training. Practice days in autumn 2024 in Vienna and Bregenz.

Hosts: Ursula Hillbrand, Susanya Manz & Daniela Edlinger

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  • Seminarraum im Grünen
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  • Firmiangasse 7
    1130 Wien
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