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Art of Hosting Training – Federal Academy for Administration

Using all potential optimals with creative methods

An Art of Hosting training is an intense three-day learning experience through active doing: participants are encouraged to have a direct hands-on experience by hosting the various methods for the group. The participants are supported and coached by the training hosting team. Experienced trainers in the Art of Hosting practice form the core of the team, which is supplemented and supported by so-called junior hosts. The hosting team offers the participants models, exercises and support so that they can experience and consider the deeper practice of “hosting” for valuable conversations.
Taking part in Art of Hosting trainings can also be the entry into an active community of practice, where like-minded people can be found to network, learn and deepen the practice.

Art of hosting in theory and practice: Ursula Hillbrand showed the approaches of living systems in contrast to mechanistic systems, as well as the associated structures and hybrid forms. She introduced the working methods of communities of practice, where participants and stakeholders in their diversity find sustainable cooperation. We learned how much order and how much chaos are really necessary to bring about change processes in self-organisation (chaordic principle).

– Schloss Laudon, Vienna

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Art of Hosting Training – Federal Academy for Administration

Verwaltungsakademie des Bundes
Verwaltungsakademie des Bundes

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