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Facilitation of Conferences & Workshops

“It’s the first collaboration workshop I have witnessed where we can actually apply what we have done here together in our daily work.”
Senior leader, Austrian Parliament

Hosting goes further than facilitating: Its collaborative processes support the emergence of transformative leadership, effectively bringing powerful individuals and personalities into alignment with shared purpose and intent. In my work I seek to create spaces with the minimal necessary structure to feel safe enough for us to leave our comfort zone – gaining new insights together and making room for unexpected inspiration. In such spaces, openness and courage take precedence over hierarchy and rank – while still respecting their presence.

My work is to understand the nuance, desired outcomes and diversity of your particular group or event. So I can ensure that all participants are included, accepted and supported with grace to contribute their best to any piece of work. Integrity and respect are central in my practice. I tailor process design methodologies and practices to the purpose and intention behind your event or workshop, this ensures high quality outcomes.

I host with confidence in English, French, Dutch, German and Italian. I am also fluent in the ‘languages’ of many distinct and overlapping circles such as diplomacy, academia and research, international politics, legal institutions, non-profit sector, society salons, philanthropy, architecture and the arts.

Conference Facilitation

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